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Would you look at these sausages!?

My dad now carries around a moleskine and takes meticulous notes when he determines something to be noteworthy. When I first saw him doing this I thought it was rather BeautifulMindesque, except for the fact that I know he is not going crazy. It's funny though, how curious I felt when he would take out the notebook at dinner and scribble something down. I wonder if I'm in there? Maybe he made a note that to buy me dental floss for christmas. Peculiar in a delightful way, I think.
Remind me to post my poem.
Today's a little weird of a day but i'm not sure why. I left the house, got to the metro, turned around and went home to get my metro pass, then went to the bank to buy my new metro pass, then bought it, then sat in the metro for an extra 20 minutes because of a rallendisement. At least i think that's what the lady said. My group met for only 20 minutes, so now i'm just chillin' until JOAN's class at 1:30. This is the part of the blog where I am choosin…


ubi bene ibi patria
vinegar cookies
obscene kabassi
itsi bitsi cupcakes
and still to come:
village des valeurs
home sense
more cookies and
something special for mom (it's her birthday tomorrow!!!

Miracle on 34th St and When Harry Met Sally

These are two feel-good movies that are quite conducive to warm fuzzy knitting. I watched both this week; the fist with Steph and popcorn dust, and the second with Karine. Aside from those two occasions, i haven't done much knitting at all, although i have spent just as much if not more time looking for my little row-counter-doodad which Charlotte bats around and i put in peculiar places like my pillar candles as i did actually knitting and purling. Is this really how you spell purling? because it looks an awful lot like hurling, or purging. I think perling is nicer.

Anyway, i just put some new pictures on my computer, though none of them show my sock that i finished some time ago, i do have one picture with the lovely Charlotte modeling one of the cups from the Mancala game that i am felting for tristan. That was the big surprise. You see, we just celebrated 2 years together and both told the other about a wonderful gift that we would love to give to the other. Funny thing is, nei…

11 days of Magical McGill

So my long-awaited-4-day-weekend has arrived, and not a moment too soon. I have not yet fully recovered, but I do believe I'm on the road to recovery. I plan on spending today knitting for my bf of ALMOST 2 YEARS and then heading on over to Denise's for lasagna. I mentioned maybe bringing something for dessert but i'm not sure what to make, and whatever i do choose, i hope it's not a lot of work. Although I think today might be a get things done kind of day, i want to make sure i stay relaxed because this is really my last weekend before the 'most wonderful time of the year.' Ok , Pretty Woman time.

To Market To Market

To Market To Market, To try out the basket Mom weaved.

Yesterday was a LONG day, but it was probably one of the last summer days I'll truly get to enjoy without being stuck in the McGill Bookstore. I got up early, kicked some dirty dishes in the butt, made coffee, tried to finish a jar of jam--which is impossible for me by the way. Jam is one of those foods that you can always scrape just a little more out of the bottom of the jar. Especially St. Dalfour, because the jars are tall and skinny. Then Tristan and I did a trek to Ikea, and when i got there i realized that i was dressed as their mascot in a denim skirt and yellow top. I was a little embarrassed, but it was kind of fun to get into the spirit of the occasion. After 15 mins I had to tinkle and kind of wanted to go home, but we continued on and found some shelves for his closet in the "as is" section. On the way out we grabbed a really great bag of chips, which, after devouring, left me feeling like i had really ea…

Fisherman shrug and Lazy Knitters Lacy Scarf

So i finally finished my fisherman's shrug from the Lion Brand website. I used Bernat Softee Twists %100 acrylic (shhh..don't tell the Lion Brand poeople; i swear i only got it because it was 89 cents a skein at Zellers!) The color is called Thyme Twists, which i just noticed now and decidedly like the sound of it. I also like the looks of it, the second time around. I must admit, this was an educational project, and evidence of that is that the left sleeve is ever so slightly looser than the right sleeve because i decided to knit the second one continental style!

I've been working diligently on my first pair of socks. Yesterday was the first day in a week that i didn't have to take everything out and start over. This isn't so much that the pattern was difficult, or i couldn't get the feeling of holding the double pointed needles as the fact that i was using my little needle holders sock guys on another project, and every day i would find my 3 inch socklet sans…

Charlotte and the lady on the metro

So there i was trucking along on my second sleeve of my neverending fisherman shrug, when some lady on the metro tapped me on the shoulder, took my knitting out of my hands and showed me continental style. I've seen this method on youtube plenty of times, but it really does help to have someone coach you in person. I'm a little excited, and have been practicing using this style, but it seems like i just can't get the tension quite right. I guess this will come with practicing, but i like to see PROGRESS right away. I guess part of my tension problem is that my ginger tabby kitten, CHARLOTTE, is always hanging on my working yarn. And something i haven't read too much about is knitting with kitty saliva slicked yarn. Now that's a challenge.

It's funny because Tristan and I went to La Cabane last night for dinner, (i got moules et frites), and I was saying how i really missed the country and the quiet and that things are so impersonal in the city, then some knitter…

It's not Warts this Time

It all started with an itchy thumb on Tuesday at work. Then an itchy knee at Carlos and Pepe's with Tristan. Then knees, thighs, butt, armpits, elbows, hands and feet that night as we tried to watch Lucky Numbers with John Travolta and Lisa Kudrow. I was covered in these itchy red bumps, some the size of a pimple, some the size of a dime. I went to the clinic the next day where the doctor told me, "Here's some Benadryl, good luck." I tried to convince him I had chickenpox and scabies but he didn't believe me. So i worked the rest of the week and tried to get my apartment ready for my parents, except that my cat destroyed those plans, but that's another post. Sunday I woke up with only one eye, and really really puffy feet. My parents said that's it, we're taking you to a dermatologist. Meanwhile, I had done some research of my own, and diagnosed myself with the following:
chicken poxbed bugsscabiesexemaathletes footcommon warts, plantar warts…