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Silky Camisole and Cozy Candle

So today I officially almost finished my silky (actually cottony) camisole. I still have to do the picot edging which is supposedly structural as well as decorative but I don't entirely believe it. I had a really nice close-up but it was a little too much for my Mom and Aunt Terrilee who sometimes read this so we zoomed out a bit. I'm really happy with the fit and I didn't do any shaping at all so the lady at Amazing Threads was right about one thing, the yarn knows how to drape.

I found out today that I am only allowed to work at the Bookstore until the end of September, which is a month less than I thought i would have there so it was kind of a wake up call for me to get out some ads for music lessons and who knows what else I'll have to take on while waiting for the kerfuffle at Immigration to get straightened out. So it goes...

While at the Apple Hollow Blues Fest in Rockburn earlier this month (or was it last month?) Marty and I furiously knit up the leftover wo…


I am making great strides on my silky camisole and I really hope to be done with it either tonight or tomorrow. I am to the point at which last time I frogged the whole thing because I thought there were too many holes and looked like crap.

I was talking to colleague at work today who has a son my age who also just graduated this spring. I asked what were his plans, and she said that he's taking a year off, then plans to go back for a masters. And guess what he's doing while he's taking a year off. He's writing a novel. He's on chapter 9!! That was enough to make me realize that if i really want to do and Etsy shop, now is definitely the time to do it. I'm a little down in the dumps because all of my friends are either starting their new jobs as teachers, or going back to school for more. I need to SNAP out of it and capitalize on all of this stress-free time (well, at least it's less than if I were teaching) and MAKE SOMETHING OF IT! I'm still …


For anyone not familiar, Tam-tams is the name given to the weekly festivities in the park at the foot of Mount Royal. There is much revelry, picnicking, drumming, dancing, Medieval sword fighting, tightrope walking, juggling, Frisbee playing, and more. Rumor has it that John Lennon once went to the park on a Sunday and lots of people came out to hear him, and Montrealers just decided it's so damn fun, why not come out EVERY Sunday. So if the weather is good and it's a Sunday, chances are there's fun.

I spent the bulk of my day alternating between knitting this gosh darn silk camisole and reading the Prince of Tides. Both are slow-going at this point, but usually I can't even manage to knit while reading a good book, or read while knitting a fun pattern. Two acquaintances revealed that they are extremely creatively talented today, and once again i wished that i could make magic happen on paper the way some people do. One was a comic book artist. His drawings were u…

3 Day Weekend WAHOO

Ok so first the news about my silk camisole that i promised myself would be done by the end of this week. Unless i can magically knit almost the entire thing today, it just ain't happenin'. I got all the way to the front triangles when i realized that it was just sloppy knitting. I recently (within a year) learned how to knit continental style and now everything i knit, i knit QUICKLY. However, that does not always result in the prettiest of garments, and this was one of those times. The Svale cotton 3 ply i am using has a tendancy to split in the hands of a hasty knitter like myself. Because there were just too many places that the thread split, i decided to take it way back down to the lace bottom and knit the whole thing up again, but this ime, slow and steady wins the race. I just knew I wouldn't wear it if it looked like crappy, and it was beyond fixing. A bonus to taking my time, i've noticed, is that my tension is a little bit more even and it might not …

Back in MoTown!

Montreal, that is!

I've been back for less than 48 hours and already I am rearranging the furniture in just agbout every room in the house. The original plan was to paint the bathroom and get a new shower curtain and mat. Somehow, though , i always end up making more work for myself. Tristan is at Stinky Rice Studios working on the new sci-fi version of Robin Hood, so that leaves me lots of elbow room here at the apartment. It turns out that with the new configuration of furniture, there might be room for a couch! What a novel idea!

As you could easily guess, I am mid-rearrangement as i speak. I find moving furniture so compelling, yet so daunting at the same time, so when I came across a pattern I was looking for to post on Ravelry, I thought heck i'll write a blog posting!

I spent the last week in Hurley with my family and had a great time taking in the country air--and getting car sick (well that part wasn't great but it's just a fact). Mom and knit quite a bit.…

Frog Season

Since I knit my dozen and a half soap sweaters for the Rockburn Apple Hollow Music Festival, frog season has officially commenced. Anything i put my needles into ends up being torn out!
I attempted my first piece of lacework from my One Skein Wonders book and was sorely disappointed when after one repeat of the pattern i found that things were beyond repair. Mom told me about a 'lifeline' in knitting lacy stuff, but i think it was just too late to make any difference. I could't count the same number of stitches on my needles from one row to the next.
Needless to say, i got a craving for some BULKY. well not that bulky, but compared to the laceweight (that marty gave to me in her stash purging) it felt super heavy. I've decided on a cabled scarf, also a technique i had never tried before. No worries, this is going a lot better than the lacy scarf, which by the way was called the Dogwood Blossom Wrap or something like that. However, after knitting 2/3 of one skein, …