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Frog Season

Since I knit my dozen and a half soap sweaters for the Rockburn Apple Hollow Music Festival, frog season has officially commenced. Anything i put my needles into ends up being torn out!

I attempted my first piece of lacework from my One Skein Wonders book and was sorely disappointed when after one repeat of the pattern i found that things were beyond repair. Mom told me about a 'lifeline' in knitting lacy stuff, but i think it was just too late to make any difference. I could't count the same number of stitches on my needles from one row to the next.

Needless to say, i got a craving for some BULKY. well not that bulky, but compared to the laceweight (that marty gave to me in her stash purging) it felt super heavy. I've decided on a cabled scarf, also a technique i had never tried before. No worries, this is going a lot better than the lacy scarf, which by the way was called the Dogwood Blossom Wrap or something like that. However, after knitting 2/3 of one skein, i realized WOW those cables sure do eat up a lot of yarn! and i frogged it out because it was just too nice of a yarn to let it end up being unwearable. The only thing i could really think was to sew up the sides and throw in the lining, but it's really nice wool and i wanted to be able to make it wearable. I think i'm going to give it to someone for their birthday, but i don't know yet. Tristan already picked out a multi colored scarf that he would like, and also wants a designer laptop bag. And i feel like i should knit something more fun for mom, though her birthday is coming up end of Sept. Who knows, i might just be wearing this scarf. OH YEAH, my solution that i forgot to mention before (i have a headache and i feel that my thoughts are scattered) is to just knit half the width. I cut the recipe in half, if you will, and adjusted the ribbed border so that it's 5 ribs rather than 8. I think it will be the perfect size now.

The other thing i would love to do but just haven't gotten the chance is to bake Soft Pretzels. I think it's not that hard, and i'm really excited to punch down the dough after it rises . Eventually i want to start making my own bread, but pretzels are a more fun yeasty project.

I'm going home on Friday, and super psyched to just do home things. I don't really have anything planned, except for maybe yarn shopping with mom, but i was disappointed last time i came home that i didn't get to just hang around. That sounds funny because actually that's all i did, but it wasn't as relaxing in a way because the focus was always on the shower and the wedding, and i think it's super nice to be able to just take it easy. Though recently i've been feeling like a yoyo, especially because i haven't received my work permit yet, never mind gotten a job. I really need to get in touch with my past landlord and see if for some reason it was sent there. well that's not a happy reassuring thought to go to bed with!

Though now the clock tolleth 12. And i work at 9, so goodnight y'all.


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