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For anyone not familiar, Tam-tams is the name given to the weekly festivities in the park at the foot of Mount Royal. There is much revelry, picnicking, drumming, dancing, Medieval sword fighting, tightrope walking, juggling, Frisbee playing, and more. Rumor has it that John Lennon once went to the park on a Sunday and lots of people came out to hear him, and Montrealers just decided it's so damn fun, why not come out EVERY Sunday. So if the weather is good and it's a Sunday, chances are there's fun.

I spent the bulk of my day alternating between knitting this gosh darn silk camisole and reading the Prince of Tides. Both are slow-going at this point, but usually I can't even manage to knit while reading a good book, or read while knitting a fun pattern. Two acquaintances revealed that they are extremely creatively talented today, and once again i wished that i could make magic happen on paper the way some people do. One was a comic book artist. His drawings were unbelievably good. Apparently he colors for Marvel, or used to anyway. The other writes a blog about crooked trees in Saskatchewan. I'm sure both of them will some day be very rich because of their talents, not that that's the point of being talented.

I don't blog because i think it will make me rich or famous, or even because i think that people will enjoy it! I do it because I like to have organized thoughts every once and a while. It's a little bit like taking a walk without telling anyone that you're taking a walk.

ANYway, I'm going to get back to work on that camisole because there still is a chance that i could get it done by the end of my long weekend.

This is a really weird time for me by the way, becuase Tristan is going back to school and I'm not. I kind of hoped I would be teaching in a contract position this fall, but now that it's Aug. 23 and my imm. stuff isn't straightened away yet, i'm almost a little bit releived that I am not 'engaged' to teach, as they say here.

I keep saying that everything happens for a reason, but i'm not totally sure that i believe that.


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