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Last Day of 2009

Only 13 odd hours left to wrap any 2009 business up before we're moving on! I know how silly resolutions can be, yet I still feel something pushing me to say at least something about the year past and the year to come.

2009 has been a long and kind of weird year. I started out the year returning to McGill for the winter semester. I had to repeat Policy Issues in Quebec Education because they refused to count my final. I did my student teaching at Lindsay Place High School and loved it, though i was thrilled when it was over. I decided to move in with tristan. Steph and Phil got engaged. I drove a moving van into a pole. I called Canadian Immigration a BAJILLION times to get my working papers. Summer passed while working at the McGill Bookstore. Gram passed away in Sept. I got my first job in Oct. The past couple of months have really just been about survival at my job. I dreamed a new dream: to open my own knitting shop in NY, then expanding to montreal. I had my firs…