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My Latest Conquest

Knitting and reading have both been thrown by the wayside on account of the arrival of the anniversary issue of my favorite magazine, Real Simple, and the recent acquisition of a pretty sweet trial version of TextTwist.
My latest knitting venture was the Sweet Honey Beret from Interweave Knits. When I set out, I was just so pleased to have found a pattern that seemed to fit my yarn so well. As I progressed, I went through the array of emotions that accompanies learning the brioche stitch (a lot of disbelief). When I was finally finished about a week ago, I realized it looked like something my friend Steph would love, so I called her up! Her birthday was on March 11, so I wasn't too far off. We met up for dinner and one of the local eateries in the 'Dun, Pho-bac, and got to talking about the gym. COme to think of it, I'm not sure why we would have been talking about that, except that one thing led to another, and now we are both bona fide members of the YMCA of Montreal, …

Updated March Break List

I've still got to do the things in Bold.
Relaxsleep knit watch quality TV read Jane Eyre see a show in Manhattan cook one new meal every day hang out with my family find my USB for my camera let my mind wander to happy places plan an herb garden noodle on the piano hang out with Rachel
Yesterday, Mom, Dad, Chris and I went to see Billy Elliot on Broadway. It was AWESOMe! I had seen the movie a couple of years ago, and remembered liking it, so when I heard that it was Elton John's music on broadway I thought everyone would like it. I was right! The boy who played Billy Elliot (Liam Redhead) was quite the distinguished ballet dancer for his 11 years. The music was OK, easy to get into, but nothing I'm going to be singing down the street, the choreography was brilliant, and at times the effects were dazzling. I didn't get as emotionally drawn into the story as I did the movie, but that is par for the course for my Broadway experiences. I am too easily distracted by all of the …

Basket Weaving Class

I wove my first basket today! Or maybe I weaved it. Joyce Somebody, from Rhinebeck teaches a class once a month at the HRC and finally I was able to go with Mom. I'm not sure what this basket is called but it's meant to hang on a doorknob. I would love to know what my fans think I should put in here. Any suggestions?