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It's begun! With one week left of teaching, I have accepted the fact that I need to make my next move, real soon. It's a little bit scary, because now that I've got a bit of experience under my belt, I am even more hesitant to enter into something new and scary.
It's so tempting to go entry level, though I know that I would feel unfulfilled, that is, as long as that's all that I was doing. Maybe I could do part-time, with some substitution work, while working on a Masters in Education and my Etsy Shop. (By the way, don't go looking for me on Etsy yet, I haven't really set up shop yet).
That would make a very busy Caitlin. Would she be a happy Caitlin? It's hard to tell.
Crazy thing to think that this is my last Sunday afternoon blues! I may be singing a different blues when I am out of a job, lol, but it'll be different. Onwards and upwards!!!

Bus #211

It felt like an incredibly looonnng bus ride this morning, which I think was directly proportionate to the long work day I had yesterday. I was just minding my own business with my coffee and my Knitpicks catalog, and the lady next to me kept farting. Life isn't fair. Thankfully, the day got better. Tonight is all about chilling out, recharging my battery, and getting rid of this perma-headache that I've had from a tension filled couple of days.
I'm looking into online masters programs, and business and entrepreneurial classes. Wow, glad that word never appeared on any spelling test I've had to take. It's time to take action. This chapter of life is ending (halelujah) and I have to figure out what's next.

Banana Nut Muffins and Half a Shelf

Overall this weekend has been beautiful. Yesterday, Tristan was inspired to build half a shelf with the leftover wood from the slats from our Ikea bed, and I was inspired to carry balcony furniture home on my head. We are still trying to get rid of a lot of things, but this shelf is something that Tristan has wanted to try his hand at for a while. It will be in his office, where he really does need a shelf because he's got a lot of stuff on the floor in there. It will stand about hip-high (on me that is), and is about one foot deep. The pictures above clearly show Tristan working hard, and me not doing a thing besides enjoying the fresh air and taking pictures of myself! These are the two chairs and table that we got at Rona. They are actually one step above the cheapest model they carried, and I thought maybe I could sew some nice cushions for them. The cushions in the store cost twice as much as the chairs themselves! As you can see, we still need to clean up the balcony a …

The Process of Ridding

For a while now, I have made it a personal goal to get rid of stuff. Today, Tristan and I went through all of our plates and realized that we didn't actually need 23 dinner plates. I may be exaggerating, but only by one or two plates. I'm surprised the cabinets never collapsed under the weight of all of that dinnerware! We're keeping 6, plus one serving platter, because when we have family over we could easily use that many. I'm hoping that this will help us keep on top of washing dishes, because today I did three loads in a row just to clear the table and the counter. We're not dirty people, nor are we particularly lazy, we just haven't made tidiness a priority lately.
We're taking a trip down to the Fripe-Prix Renaissance to unload. It's the one on Wellington in Verdun, so check it out regularly because we're doing a lot of donating there. The challenge is to not come home with something new every time we drop stuff off there! At least th…

Just another crappy Monday

Today was a Monday from Heck.
I set myself up for failure yesterday by drinking a whole pitcher of iced tea. Had to pee three times in the night, and froze to death because I wouldn't face the fact that I need to put the heat on in May. School was relatively fine, but totally not inspiring. By the end of my after school lesson I was zonked, fell asleep on the bus home. Because I was feeling so sorry for myself, I stopped for a poutine on the way home. Wouldn't you know that my poutine was what broke the microwave. Watched two episodes of Lost and got really scared. Now I want iced tea.
Upside: My upstairs neighbor is singing Free Falling and it's cheesily just what I want to hear right now.
Here's to tomorrow's glass being half full (or totally full if possible).
Only 2 more crappy mondays this year. YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY!!!!!!
I was checking out pictures from Bri and Brad's Korean Life, and they look like they are having so much fun.
Maybe I should become a na…

A Chinese and Ghanaian Wedding

Saturday, May 8 was the wedding day of Darren Fung and Gifty Ntim. Talk about an epic wedding!! Tristan and I arrived at St. Patrick's Basilica in the old port at 12:45 for the wedding orchestra rehearsal. I was playing trumpet (yikes) and he was conducting the group. The music was all arranged by the groom, and the orchestra was made up of hired players and good friends of the bride and groom. I am so glad I got the chance to play trumpet in that space, as the acoustics were incredible!
The reception was held at the Science Center, also in the old port. What a beautiful space that was as well! It happened to be a crappy weather day, but the sun made an appearance before the bride and groom arrived in a horse drawn carriage, and the view from the reception hall was beautiful thanks to floor to ceiling glass walls.
There was a 12 course Chinese Wedding Feast, speeches and tributes, a slide show with a beautiful arrangement (again, by Darren) of Leonard Cohen's Hallelujah, …