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Amish Country, Ohio

Yesterday was our pit stop at Punxsutawney Pennsylvania, the very home of punxsutawney phil. This is me with one of the many phils in town, and the second picture is me at Gobbler's Knob, the site of the Groundhog's Day Ceremony.

This is day 2, Amish Country Campsites in Winesburg, Ohio. When I stepped outside my tent this morning, two thoughts immediately came to mind: 1 ) I smell BACON, and 2) there are 2 cows staring at me. The campsite is small, and there's really nothing amish about the camping experience, though we're having a lot of fun.
Today we went into town and started our day with a coffee from Cafe Jo, or something like that. There's a picture of that somewhere. This was not at all Amish. In fact, while we were sitting in there, a woman in Amish clothing came in with her two small children, and took a picture of her kids on her cell phone.
Next we went to a kitschy craft mall, and then another, where I actually found something kind of cool and useful f…

Road Trip Eve

So tonight is the eve of the big trip. I just spent a very long time on the phone with Priceline and Days Inn, and I feel like I made a couple of friends. If you are planning a trip and are going to stay at the Days Inn, sign up for their Travel Advantage and you'll save $40 with no obligation to continue the service (which is $15.99 per month after that). There. I just saved you a half hour of uncomfortable customer service representatives sticking to their script as best as they can.
How about that ROSE? It's Mom's Mother's Day gift from Chris. Spectacular.

Toujours Gay

So I have been spending a lot of time on my own this past week. I did really well at first, by focusing my energy on baking sweet potato pie, reading my book, and doing some very necessary grocery shopping. Two days ago, though, I encountered a level of boredom that I had not previously experienced, so I decided to trim my bangs. After trimming my bangs (quite successfully if I may say so) I decided the ends were looking a little dead so I would trim those two. Now I was getting into it, and since things were going so well, I decided I could probably handle putting in some layers. So naturally, I went to Wiki-how-to articles, and researched. Unfortunately, this is where I went wrong. The author of the article assured me that by pulling up sections of my hair to the front, and snipping it off across the nose, i would have beautiful layers. INSTANT MULLET.
The next morning I dragged my feet down to the beauty salon where a very nice woman fixed me up for $25. Luckily, I didn'…

The Mr. Shaut Show

The Mr. Shaut Show was a smashing success! My high school Jazz Ensemble teacher retired after 36 years of teaching music. I don't know how he did it because I just barely made it through my first! As a tribute to him, his children organized a concert of all of his original compositions and arrangements, and invited anyone who has been taught by Mr. Shaut to play in a jazz band or concert band. The music was just as I remembered it, a lot of fun! He was completely surprised, and touched I'm sure. I'll always remember his best advice to us as musicians: Play better.
While I was home, I finally took a picture of the Lazy Day Lace Shawl that I knit for Mom for Easter. On the ride home, I also finished a Dragon Scale pattern face cloth for mom for Mother's Day. You really can't tell by the pictures that the weather is really crappy. Tomorrow starts final exam week at Lindsay Place. YAY I can't believe I didn't make a post for the last day of classes, bu…