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Charlotte NC

So by the time Rachel and I reached Charlotte, NC, we kind of felt like we were in familiar territory, that our trip was winding down, and we were just having so much fun with my cousins and Aunt and Uncle that I just didn't take the time to blog! Here are a couple of pics from our trip to downtown Charlotte.
I think this was a little sculpture park right next to seventh street station, which is the hub of Charlotte's commuter rail.
Michelle! Here's the gang. I was sitting on a nearby bench when i took this picture, and right after, i handed my camera to rachel saying, "here's your camera back, enjoy Charlotte!" I just wanted to see what it would feel like to be a local. The next series of photos is from the Charlotte library. I was very impressed, and my one regret from my visit to charlotte is that I didn't go inside and check it out. This is a disco bird outside of a building that i know nothing about. And behind it, you see the storm that was br…

Murfreesboro TN & Nashville

I thought that the Parthenon was in Greece, but we found one in TN! This is what the one in TN would have looked like if it were still in tact.
This is the view from our parking space in Nashville. This is the Batman Building, or less interestingly called the ATT tower. This is the Ryman Auditorium, where they have a whole lotta country music stars play. And I bet you this one is the country music hall of fame. We didn't end up going in there. I only know Dolly Pardon, Garth Brooks, The Dixie Chicks, and Wynona Judd. Awesome signs outside of every joint. And somehow, even on a Wednesday afternoon at 2 pm, there was live music in every place, and actually an audience too! Still don't really understand the meaning of Honkytonk, but i sure love the sound of it! Me punching some guy i met on the street. And this, for me, was the most wonderful thing of all about Nashville, my COWGIRL BOOTS!
Bath House from the front.
Our only regret is that we missed the Miss Arkansas parade by 4 days! Pictures from Memphis will come next time. G'night y'all.

Used to could.

Hot Springs, AR

I'm posting a lot more pictures and a lot less talking these days just because I'm so tired by the end of the day. Here's the observation tower at Hot Springs. The cascade. This was the one and only hot spring that we were actually able to locate. I stuck a finger in and burned it. Downtown Hotsprings. What i found to be the main attraction of Hot Springs was the bathhouses. These really were like luxury spas where people would go for hot compresses (from the springs i guess), a needle shower, which is pictured below, and saunas. This was great for people with achy body parts, but also for other ailments that could be sweated out. Scariest shower ever.

Lake Ouachita, Arkansas

Thanks so much Norman and Berdyne! Rachel and I had a great time in Kansas City! Here's what i think might be the Kansas CIty Royals Stadium. We had an awesome drive through the Ozarks on the way to Lake Ouachita, It was the first time since Ohio that we actually saw mountains. We both felt so at home right away, we missed our Catskills. We arrived at Lake Ouachita and it was beautiful!!!!! This beach was literally 20 steps from our front tent flap.

Kansas City, Kansas

We revisited the Hallmark Crown Center again while it was actually open, and the first shop we went to was the Crayola Store. Rachel couldn't make up her mind.
Also at the Crown Center, they have a Hallmark Visitors Center where you get to walk through and see the cards and ornaments through the years, and see how they make the die-cuts and bows. We got a free postcard, greeting card, and pretty bows. No pictures, but it was a fun stop!
In Kansas state, Overland Park I found this yarn shop (well really Rachel helped) Such a nice lady, and really nice yarns.
Next we went to Cabellas to find a souvenir. I got a water bottle. You've got to admit this is kind of funny: Then to Legends, an outlet center.
We actually were in Kansas. We followed the yellow brick road to the movie theaters. I saw half of Toy Story III and Rachel saw and was bored by Eclipse. This was the first time either of us had ever seen a storm gathering alley. That sign has a little tornado on it. Our last fountain. …