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Ok. Tristan, Etienne and I thought were were lucking out to score some MegaBus tickets on Thanksgiving weekend at a somewhat reasonable price. Boy were we wrong.Bear with me.
We arrived a half hour prior to boarding (even though they actually reserve seats so you should technically have a seat as long as you booked online). They were already boarding that beautiful megabus. Fine, no problem.
The bus runs out of room before we get to the gate, but that's also ok, it's still early.
Megabus pulls out, in pulls Non-Descript bus. Definitely not mega. Definitely one story high.
We board bus. Driver says, "any questions?" we disembark.
Arrive at Kirkland stop. 10 people board, 7 sit down, 3 look around bewildered. No more seats. Driver says, "come to the front, i'll tell you your options."
3 passengers stand from Kirkland to Kingston, with promise of free tickets. (to do this again? yeah right!)
Arrive in Kingston, ON. CHange drivers. Ornery passenger …