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My Apologies, and greetings from the nook

It's been ages it's true. I'm sure that my fans have all but deserted me by now, which is totally understandable. It's 10:30 Monday night, which is my first school night of the week, so I like to set myself the goal of staying up until 2. Sometimes 3. (i'll be asleep by 11:30 most likely.)
We have just survived the first frigid weekend of the winter here in montreal. With the windchill last night, it was -38 C. Tristan and I went to get a cucumber last night for my dilly poached haddock, and felt the snot in our noses freeze as soon as we stepped out the door.
Stephanie came over this evening, after we met up at Atwater Market. We played Twisted Fish, and Milles Bourne. She's such a fun person to hang with.
Tomorrow I will be trying to get my groove back. Apparently , there is a free class being offered in my neck of the woods. I'm not really sure what it is, besides a dance class of sorts. Mel's idea, and I'm psyched because I had a serio…