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Miss Grouchy

I'd like to start reporting a weekly gem... since i didn't get to it last week (or ever before)
Kindergartner: "My dad's bigger than you. He's 35. He can touch the ceiling."
Other past favorites:
"Miss Decker, where are your glasses? You look better with glasses. Put them on!"

"I made you a calendar. It's only got 8 days though."

Becoming Minimalist

So this is really nothing new for me, I've been becoming a minimalist for about 5 years now, but now I'm really stepping it up. I get so caught up and frustrated by tripping over stuff. And it always seems that I have things nicely laid up on the shelves, but it's not stuff I use. It just sits there neatly out of the way, while all of the things that I do use on a daily basis are scattered all over the floor, or my cat is getting tangled up in them.
It's funny how as I am cleaning, though, I get further and further away from the idea of minimalism as I go on. I started off with my silk scarves (lol only 1 of them is silk). I decided 3 is a good number of silk scarves. I rarely wear them, but I will keep the one from Mrs Gulati from India, one from Mom and Dad that is hand dyed, and one from Gram. And I accomplished it!
It's really challenging though, to really really pare down. Right now, i think i probably have the 'normal person ' amount of stuff. B…