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Power cord bites the dust

I'm at a crossroads. My power cord for my laptop is unresponsive. 2 hours and 73% battery life remaining. I've really used this laptop a LOT in the 5 years I've had it, and I'm wondering if it's time to lay it to rest. It's been really good to me, and I have really cherished the hours it spent heating up my legs. Best Buy has a laptop for sale that is 279. This is 3 times the cost of a universal charger which will extend my laptop's life for up to a year and half.
Should I get a new laptop?
The bigger question is, Why do I want a new laptop when all I need is a power cord? I've been happy with this laptop. The speed is great, it never crashes, all my programs (which are not many) work fine. I think I just want to know that I deserve a new laptop. I am worth a new laptop. I might not get one just yet, but I have earned it. agggghhhhh but I really want one! it will be shiny and new and there won't be crumbs and the camera will be built in fo…

The Unsettled

I was really looking forward to tonight because Tristan and I were going to go to a concert together at midnight. The band is called The Unsettlers, and they sound a bit like Tom Waitts. This concert was supposed to be a kick-off to my summer because I would never stay up and go out to something that starts at midnight on a SCHOOL night. Then I realized I have to go to school tomorrow because I'm not done cleaning and they're going to pick up the instruments. And while watching tv this evening, I fell asleep around 10. I'm no superwoman and it would take nothing short of superpowers to keep me in a good mood if I were to go downtown tonight. So my summer kick-off will have to wait. Perhaps there will be more meaning to it when I am actually through with my responsibilities at school, which is reaaaaaalllly soon though it doesn't feel like it.
So this picture is kind of weird. It doesn't have to do with anything about tonight, and I never put a picture of mys…

Another Market Bag

This is the bag that I knit for Mrs. C, the secretary at my school. She was heading up to the maritimes for a family reunion and I wanted to give her something she might be able to use while there. This is the second pattern that I have used for a market bag, though it really is almost identical to the one I made for my father a while back. This one is simply called, "Farmer's Market Bag" by Elizabeth Taylor, free on ravelry. I actually knit it twice because the first time I ran out of hemp (brown) and the handles were too spindly because it was incomplete. THe second time around, i used a contrasting cotton doubled up to provide a little added structure. I'm happy with this one, though there's something a little funny about my handles, but i think it looks good.
Went to the library yesterday, just like every Saturday. I love the smell of my library. It's a Saturday tradition that i think is really beautiful. This time we got a bunch of dvd's and…
Bonne St-Jean!
It's a tricky start to the summer vacation, because I guess this would technically be the first day of vacation, but it's a holiday, so i wouldn't have to work anyway. That and the fact that it's a yucky rainy day, and also the fact that I actually have to go back to school for a workshop on monday, and to clean out my classroom and return the instruments to the music store. So it really doesn't feel like summer vacation, though my Miss M. and I had a celebratory lunch at Woodland Pizza yesterday to convince ourselves that it is summer.
Just watched The Trotsky, with Jay Barushel. It was a good movie, but it sure pointed out some gaps in my basic education. I realize that Tristan's family is much better versed in prominent figures from communist Russia than I will ever, or ever want to be, but I do wish I at least had a basic knowledge. The movie was definitely a comedy though, about a coming-of-age montrealer who thinks he is the reincarnatio…